Holiday Bump!

Eak! Having this break was extremely wonderful! It was a great time to actually catch up with my family and friends back home. One thing I was most excited about was checking out my sister’s baby “bump!” I was so excited when my sister called me in August to tell me about her new addition. I was even more excited when she told me she wanted help telling our parents (I drove down and we all decided to tell them through a game of hide and seek). Now that I’m 6 hours away, I am sad that I don’t get to be there to watch her belly grow. I did get a sneak peak at Thanksgiving, but I was so happy to help her the past week.

For Christmas our Mom got her a baby machine that allowed us to hear the baby’s heart beat “bump bump, bump bump!” It was so exciting and soothing at the same time! And during her many nap times, my other sister, her roommate, and I started to plan for the baby shower; which is going to be in March and I cannot wait!

Since I’m back in my own home, it’s back to working hard for my passion of Student Affairs J. Returning, I have Jan-Term programing on my mind, along with booking our spring concert, several other events, looking for summer conference contracts, and a spring leadership forum… just to name a few! I can’t wait to see my students again and get the 2013 ball rolling! Happy New Year Everyone!!

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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