Don't Settle

Last year I decided I was done with resolutions. In part, I never created resolutions worth remembering throughout the year. I didn’t write them down and I certainly didn’t declare them.  That changed over winter break 2011. I was re-inspired by the Nike phrase “Just Do It” and so it became my 2012 new year’s campaign. *Note that I see a campaign different than a resolution. My campaign would be applied to as many aspects of my life as I could make fit. Just Do It became a yearlong motivation for recreation, trips, and experiences I might have normally passed up. This campaign turned out to be much better than one resolution and served as a catalyst for self motivation.

I had no idea what 2013’s New Year’s campaign would be until recently. Where I was thinking that I might reuse Just Do It, I was inspired just in time before New Year’s Eve by a Grey’s Anatomy episode on Season 9. After this episode I knew Don’t Settle was to be my 2013 New Year’s campaign. I won’t spoil the show for any fans, I was inspired by the doctor’s attitude toward a lawsuit. “Don’t settle”, I said to myself over and over in my head. I began to see how this campaign could give me new energy for my career aspirations. Don’t settle. I knew that this would work for personal endeavors when sometimes I would rather quit. Don’t settle. I saw myself giving this piece of advice to students when they seek help with their clubs, classroom experiences, or future goals.

I didn’t see the importance of the New Year’s resolution until I made it work for me.  Some of you might participate in #oneword2013 led by the Student Affairs Collaborative, might use a traditional resolution, or you might go off on your own path. No matter your style, make it work for you. The purpose of the resolution is to help you drive toward your goals and aspirations. If you set to do anything this year make sure you keep your energy renewed, and focused on the end results.

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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