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Twenty-twelve was an exciting year. I participated in a two week study seminar in Qatar, graduated from my master’s program, started a new job, and my partner and I finally moved to the same place.  As you can probably guess, 2012 was also a year of huge transitions.  Some of my closest friends moved all across the United States and world (one of my best friends now lives in New Zealand) to embark on the next phase of his or her Student Affairs journey. I spent most of the first semester learning and trying to understand the culture of my new institution.

Like many new Student Affairs professionals, I immersed myself in my work and spent the majority of my time on campus.  Which is easy to do with a meal plan and an apartment and office in a residence hall. At the beginning of December I started to reflect on how I was spending my time, and decided to make a small change, which is making a big difference. I joined a gym off campus. For months I procrastinated finding an off campus gym and made lots of excuses. At the top of my excuse list was I am too “busy” to drive off campus. As fate would have it, I found this gym the week it opened and got an incredible deal on my membership.

The gym on campus is great, it has a climbing wall and good fitness classes, but the fifteen minute drive to my new gym gives me time to reflect on the day. I take fitness classes (my new favorite is Piloxing- Pilates and kickboxing combined) and the classes typically start at 6 or 6:30 p.m. This means I schedule myself to be out of the office at a reasonable time to get to the gym. Of course there will be nights where I need to come back after the gym to get things done; however, I am more efficient with my time during the day so I can make it to my fitness classes on time.  

Clearly this is not a radical concept, yet this small change is making a difference in how I feel everyday. This brings me to my “phrase” for 2013. 

(author unknown)

As graduate students and new professionals we can easily get caught up in our long to-do lists and our “big transitions,” and we loose sight of how important the small things are. For me this phrase is very much about living in the moment and making choices right now that will improve your life.  How will you live in the moment this week?

Stefanie Lucas

Student Affairs - the First Years

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