It’s a Small Field, But Your Cohort Will Be There

Two years ago my graduate cohort finished our degrees at Ball State and went all across the country. From New Mexico to Florida, I was able to enjoy the success of my colleagues as they were picked up by institutions all across this land. But the importance of this post is simply a reminder to myself just how those connections still matter!

To use this blog as an example, I received amazing support that helped carry this blog to the success that it currently enjoys. Shout out to all of the Ball State graduate cohort crew including Sarah Frese (Editor), Katie Ericson (Thursday Weekly Writer), Katie Schmalzel (Former Weekly Writer) Charle Cherry (Former Weekly Writer), Amber Phillips (Former Weekly Writer), and Steven Johnson (Guest Wrier).

From job opening tips to consulting with each other, our cohort experience didn’t stop after graduation. I’ll never forget the first time I unexpectedly ran into a cohort member at a conference – what an awesome experience!

At the end of the day, this is still a small field. And it became smaller when the bonds that one cohort made in graduate school moved all over to make further connections and advancements in our student affairs.

So to those graduate students who might read this post take advantage of every relationship that you can. For the professionals who might enjoy reminiscing from time-to-time about your graduate experiences, reconnect and relive. Just maybe, the best is yet to come.

Joshua Wilson


Student Affairs - the First Years

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