Celebrating One Year

Dear Student Affairs Friends and Colleagues:

We are proud to celebrate our one year anniversary all this week. An idea that started out with few writers would eventually spread to a team of 11. Our blog started with a few hundred visitors per week and has grown to a few hundred visitors each weekday.

In our first year we have been able to bring you 370 posts from Student Affairs first year professionals and graduate students around the country. We are confident that we will bring you many more posts over the coming years.

This anniversary week it is with true gratitude that we thank all of the
writers who with their work we would not have achieved the success throughout the year. Special thanks to our editor, Sarah Frese, who labors over most of the posts. Also, a special thanks to our social media coordinator Kelley McCathey. And readers, thank you for continuing to visit our site, connect with our bloggers, and engaging with us via social media.

Things that you can look forward to include socials at placement exchanges/conferences and a new monthly first years spotlight series. More details will emerge soon. The spotlight series will feature those first year professionals or graduate students in our field who are doing extraordinary things in the field. We’ll be asking you to nominate first years and as a team we will be featuring one professional from the nominations on the site each month.

Thanks so much everyone for your support over the last year. Keep reading, writing, and innovating! Let’s continue to celebrate together those first year experiences and accomplishments over the next year.


Joshua Wilson
Student Affairs – the First Years

Student Affairs - the First Years

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