50+ Programs in 24 Days!

Wow! Reading that title already makes me think I’ve gone crazy! But it’s true! One of the things I have been charged with was putting together a calendar of all the programs that Student Affairs would put on for our Jan Term (which is about 3 weeks of classes for 1 class in January). The good news is that I did not have to do all the programing myself since I had a great amount of help from other departments who were interested in programing for the month! I personally coordinated 18 programs and had a good part in the marketing and basic planning for most of the others. I only came across this realization when my artist this past weekend asked me about it. Then I realized that in general, we host at least that many a month! It’s incredible how much programing we can get done in a short amount of time!

I have enjoyed being able to coordinate and experience all these exciting events! Some of the steps can be challenging but the events are always exciting! This past month we had fitness boot camp (we don’t usually have fitness classes in our recreation center since there is no space), legit star gazing, a rave, salsa dancing, tournaments of all sorts, self-defense classes, cooking demonstrations, a pro-hockey game visit, karaoke, a concert, trivia nights, educational programing, volunteering, and so much more! I have 1 more days of programing (with 3 events) and that will complete the term. I will be relieved to know that I will have my Campus Activates Board officers back and running these programs and I will be overseeing them. I know that this semester is going to be extremely packed with events… especially since we have our huge concert event in April –Kangapolooza! I’m sure I’ll fill ya’ll in more on that when the news arises! Until then, I will take a 1 day break this Saturday to relax before we kick back into program planning!

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