Welcome December!!

Well as you are aware, it is finally December! It’s always crazy at this time of year for many reasons if you are working in Student Affairs. First, you think, “Goodness, Thanksgiving break was too short!” Then you think, “Where did the semester go?!!” You know you did about half a billion programs, tasks, reports, evaluations, counseling sessions, etc for this semester, it seems to have gone by in a flash!

Then you think, “There’s only 3 weeks till winter break!” Which brings 2 types of emotions:

1. Excitement to see friends and family and take a good break for a couple of weeks
2. Pressure to make sure you finish everything for this semester and plan for next semester in that short amount of time.

Then you run into your wonderful hard working students and you realize, they have finals coming up! As a new professional you first will think, “YEAH!!! I DON’T HAVE TO TAKE FINALS or RESEARCH PAPERS DUE!!!!!!” J Then you think, “I’m going to be supporting them while they manage their time and study properly.”

And of course, in December, thoughts of the upcoming holidays pop into your head… Then you get invited to the office holiday party, and then you think, “do I need to have one of these for each of my students?” Well, for me I made it up to them J But I will be making each of them little “Good Luck on Finals”/“Happy Holidays” gifts. So far I know I’m going to have candy and cookies in them… I’m not sure what else. Do any of you have any ideas?! I wish you the very best with the start of your December!

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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