Finals Breakfast!

This week is finals week at Austin College (and I’m sure, many of your schools as well)! Our students began studying last week and through the weekend to prepare for their finals. As a tradition our campus hosts a free breakfast for all of our students to enjoy before the official kickoff of their exams. Our whole office participates but I had no idea there would be so much involved in serving breakfast.
First off, it’s a competition to have everyone join our line over the other stations. The other station servers included a group of faculty, a group of athletics, and a few groups from various areas on campus. Our selling line was that our line served “organic and cholesterol free” food J Well seeing as how each line served the same thing, we of course were only kidding.

I was stationed at the waffle line and was determined to be the best at adding just the right amount of warm butter and sweet syrup! I may have accomplished my goal J And, as I was at the end of the line they would say their plate was complete. Yet, I insisted on sprinkling on some “good luck” on each plate from my magic jar. After trying to figure out what I was sprinkling on their plate, they would smile big and say,” Thanks!”

Once everyone was served and had a sprinkle of good luck on their plate, all the faculty and staff headed over to the Pouch Club (our on-campus pub like area) for a celebration meal! We were served a few fancy little appetizers and had fun enjoying each other’s company as we congratulated each other for wrapping up a great semester!

I would like to take a moment to say Good Luck to all students (including you graduate students)! Happy holidays and remember to relax a little this season!

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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