3/4th of the way

Today I was driving to a meeting and I had to pause (not the car or my driving) and think – I only have one semester left of graduate school. Even just typing those words out feels a little crazy, overwhelming, and exciting for me. It forces me to think and ask a few crucial questions about this time last year:

-       What was I looking forward to at this time?
-       What was stressful for me?
-       What experiences was I looking to gain?
-       How had I survived the past 6 months?

It is interesting to look at these questions and think about what the answers were on this day one year ago and what the answers are now. Many things have changed since last year in my life, some things have stayed the same, but overall I have learned and grown so much. Some of my answers for this year are; I’m looking forward to seeing my significant other, who didn’t even exist in my life last year. I feel a little stressed about this next semester, with comps, job searching, school, and a social life, but know I will make it through. I am looking forward to the experience of going to NASPA and TPE and recruiting for our department at OPE. Lastly, how the heck did I survive these past 6 months; my instinctive answer is “no idea”, but truthfully through self-discovery. Cliché, perhaps, but it is true through knowing myself I will survive, have survived these past 3 semesters, and will make it through the next one and get that degree!

In peace,

Ryan Bye 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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