25 and Counting...

1 day at a time. There are still a few student programs left before reading days begin on Thursday. Truly, one day at a time for me.

2 the maximum number of times I allow myself to hit the “snooze” buttons on mornings I just don’t want to leave the comfort of my bed.

3 universities that will always have a special place in my heart (UAB, Ball State, Notre Dame).

4Fs (Faith, Friends, Family, Finance) broken into goals and posted on my bulletin board at home.

5 advisors who helped shape the man I am today. (Shout out to Ms. Jacobs, Amy, Melissa, Jason, and Dr. Wittig).

6 years to complete my undergraduate and graduate education.

7 presents or maybe 8 still left to purchase for Christmas.
8 years of marching band. Shout out to any fellow saxophonists reading this post and to the men and women I marched with, some for eight years straight.

911 a day that still brings chills to my body. I pray for peace in the world and for the brave men and women who protect this country.

10 months in the academic year. My calendar year starts in August.

11 and a half hours driving distance to home (Birmingham, AL).

12 songs on Mumford and Sons album Sigh No More. Not a bad track on that album.

13 years of primary education - if you can count Kindergarten.

14 the age that I broke my ankle before band camp.

15th of December 2007, the best road trip game I ever saw. UAB Basketball Kentucky upset at Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY.

16 news WNDU, my preferred news for South Bend, IN.

17 of November was the last home game for the undefeated Irish. I was there.

18 age I went to college. The pre-college me had no idea how much the college years would influence my life and my development.

19 cohort members who I miss dearly all crammed into this graduate picture - at Ball State University.

20 dollars spent on a toy for Toys for Tots this past weekend. Check with your local Toys for Tots drives to see when the deadline is to give a toy to a child in need this Christmas.

21 of August, the official start to the fall semester at Notre Dame. It feels like yesterday we professionals were welcoming students back to our campuses.

22 days until Christmas.

23rd of January the upcoming one-year anniversary for this blog Student Affairs – the First Years.

24 is not worth thinking this hard for its relevance to me.

25 the number of years I have be alive and hopefully many more to come.  I am blessed by my family and friends who surround me each day! 

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. This is a great list. Big ups for #12, and sending you good vibes and support for number 1! :)


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