The People You Meet Along the Way

“The people you meet you never know how they will change your life” said good friend Jill Sieben-Schneider at NASPA IV East regional conference 2012.

There are only three representatives in attendance at the conference from Ball State’s 2011 Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education cohort. After graduation the cohort went many directions. From New Mexico to Wisconsin, our paths were as diverse as the roads that led us to Ball State.

Enjoying the company of my 2011 cohort, we shared laughter recounting memory after memory. The travels from our journey seemed clearer than ever since we parted ways over a year ago. So shout out and much love for Jill (right) and Cecilia (left).

I hope my path continues to connect me with more cohort members down the road. We shared an experience together that helped shape me to the individual I am today. The trials and tribulations of graduate school, including the stress and financial burden, coupled with many other factors equates to one wholesome journey that could have easily passed for a dream and nothing more.

I try to tell every graduate student I meet, to enjoy the company of a cohort, take advantage by creating positive connections, and to keep in touch afterward.

I’m taking this break from Naspa IV East to share with you all about my joy from not only being around my cohort, but also seeing friends in the field that I’ve met through the years and meeting new professionals through this experience.

So Naspa IV East, I’m stoked to be with you for a couple more days. If we haven’t met, say hello. I’ll be sure to do the same.

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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