Thanksgiving - Bringing Students Together

Campus was very quiet the last five days as most students went home or left with friends.  Friday and over the weekend I had a chance to relax, but Thursday was a very busy day! My partner and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for students staying on campus. I sent out an invite to all students living in the residence halls, and it was fun to have students from different halls attend the dinner. Several international students experienced Thanksgiving for the first time and most students were from out of state.

We even had a fancy set up…

I did not know many of the students in attendance, and was struck by how thankful they were to be able to come together and have dinner. It was special to share this Thanksgiving with students from across the country and around the world.

My hope is you can continue to reflect on what you are thankful for throughout the year, and not just over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Also, a big thanks to Safeway for having pre-packaged Thanksgiving dinner. I am not a cook, and this was an easy way to make dinner for 20+ people!

Stefanie Lucas

Student Affairs - the First Years

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