Thankful for…

Thankful for my new friends in my new home at Austin College!

Thankful for professional organizations in Student Affairs that introduces me to others in my area to speak with for guidance and answers!

Thankful for the ability to be creative and active in my new job/position!

Thankful for having an incredible boss who is energized by my eagerness and supportive of my development!

Thankful for a lively staff who are fun to work with and play hard!!!

Thankful for amazing student workers who help tremendously even with the small things!

Thankful for the decorations for each season and celebration that are put up in my Student Life Office!

Thankful for the physical plant which warms my office up 2 degrees more than the whole floor (I hate to be cold)!

Thankful for hot coca and mini marshmallows in our dining hall!

Thankful for involved faculty across my campus!!

Thankful for incredible programs hosted by staff and students!

Thankful for being able to learn something new about my students and life each and every day!

Thankful for all the different and unpredictable events that make my job exciting each day at work!

Thankful each time anyone realizes that Student Affairs is a career path!!! :D

Thankful to hear about the success of some of my first students (who are now graduating and getting amazing jobs) and my new students (who are earning A’s on their most challenging courses and earning scholarships)!!!

Thankful for students that inspire me (the creative, eager, daring, challenging, driven, stubborn, excited, and many other ones)!!

Thankful for the kind words from students who I have inspired!

Thankful for my friends and family who support me in my career as well as in life!

Thankful for Student Affairs!

What are you thankful for?

Jenni with an “I”

P.S. Thankful for my Thanksgiving Break to be able to go home and see my amazing family and friends!!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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