Taking My Talents Elsewhere

Don’t be alarmed, everyone. I am not leaving my current position. I just got here and am really enjoying myself :)

However, I’ve been offered the opportunity to take my enthusiasm for teambuilding presentations to another industry entirely. A friend of mine from college will be managing a music venue soon, and wants me to do some teambuilding with his staff to make sure they bond as they start working in this new place. I’m really excited about the chance to use my skills in a new arena, but am still nervous about what I’ll do and how.

My excitement over Patrick Lencioni’s books makes me want to use some of the models from those books to help head off some of the ills that are fixed in fables like The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive or The Three Signs of a Miserable Job.

My enthusiasm over a session defining mission, values, and vision of the organization makes me want to help my friend’s staff define their thoughts on these matters, in hopes of giving them a common goal to work toward.

And the version of me that has worked in live entertainment events knows the occasional cynicism of people in that industry, so whatever I do- I just don’t want it to be lame!

When I think about my favorite teambuilder, I am brought back to the days of my undergraduate programming board, SEC (Student Entertainment Committee). Our advisor was a former improv actor and stand-up comedian, so our retreats always included working in our committee to create a skit to answer a prompt. Inevitably, the group was close enough that our skits would always include silly songs or jokes that were specific to our group. It was among the most fun we had over those weekends, but also helped us make quick decisions, work together, and bond in a way that made our work for the rest of the year a breeze. That’s the experience I want to give this group. The question is...how?

When you are in your first months of work, likely the time I’d be visiting this staff, what are the most important things to learn? What do you wish you had known when starting your position? And what have been the most meaningful teambuilding experiences you’ve been a part of?

** Do you have a favor teambuilder to share with readers?

Amma Marfo

Student Affairs - the First Years

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