Payback Time!

Yeah, that title sounds way more exciting than it should be! This past week officially marked 6 months of completing my M.Ed. degree … and if you have loans, you know what that means: Payback Time! Well technically, paying opportunities began when I first received the loans, but the grace period of not having to pay interest is over (sad day). Now that I’ve been able to save up a good amount I was able to make a decent first payment and dent in my loan so the interest won’t be so terrible.

My ultimate goal is to have it all paid off in the next 6 months! If you’re thinking I must be crazy, I think I might be. I’m very much aware of my spending and have been known for my frugalness and taking time to make a smart choice on what I pay for. I have actually kept up with my loans and could almost say that I graduated with my masters without debt… except that I chose to study abroad for a semester knowing that it would all be worth it (and it was) and I purchased my first car. With great investments in my education (undergrad and masters) and future, I know that I would do it all again if I had the chance!

With that said I am still very much looking forward to having this debt off my plate and working on saving money for things I can truly enjoy (travel, entertainment, friends, and much more J). Until then, I will continue my smart spending habits, saving up, and paying off monthly. Granted, now that I am making more than I did in graduate school, I prefer not live off of ramen noodles and PB&J! Here goes the exciting adventure of “Payback Time!”

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