Office: Impossible

My boss has a nearly constant refrain about his favorite show, Restaurant: Impossible on the Food Network. He loves the idea of someone taking a place that has been up and running and was thought to be fine, being completely taken apart and revamped into something modern, popular, and effective. He uses this analogy often when speaking about the current state of our office.

Just as a bit of background: I am the newest in our office, followed by an assistant director who is starting his third year. But the rest of our staff- my director and associate director- have been in the department for twelve years and eleven years, respectively. Thankfully, they are reveling in the opportunity for new blood to revamp processes that have gotten stale, out of date, or just plain don’t work.

This is the freedom that I’ve been wanting- freedom to question, to create, to offer opinions that are seriously considered. In previous jobs, I’ve had to fit within the system; this is a rare opportunity to remake the system.

From references to chipping away, to talk of me getting a sledgehammer for my office (which would be GREAT), there’s a constant sense that change is possible and is on the way. From the storefront (office image and presence on campus and online), to the kitchen (what are we offering students? Are they learning the most they can from us?) to the books (how are we using our money? Should we shift the way we fund initiatives?), we are knocking down crumbling walls and adding structural supports. Here’s hoping the grand opening is a success, and the seemingly impossible is achieved.

What show does your office most resemble? “The Office”? “Parks and Recreation”? Heaven forbid...”Jersey Shore”?

Amma Marfo

Student Affairs - the First Years

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