Minimizing Complaints: A Diversity Lesson

As most of us came back to work yesterday from a nice break, we were quickly reminded that the end of the semester is approaching. You may have realized this by looking at your calendar, a colleague expressing anxiety about all that needs to be done, or to a student this means looking to make schedule changes and study for exams. Last week I had the opportunity to catch up with one of my mentors and we got on the topic of complaining. He then asked me to think about five complaints that I make throughout the day. The types of complaints that we are talking about do not necessarily relate to work, but to the things that we are privileged to have every day. An example of this could be complaining about having to wipe the snow off of your car (for my cold state readers) or about how your WIFI connection is not working on your phone or in your house.

Now it is your turn…

Think about five complaints that you have made throughout your day so far.

Now that you have those in your mind, Click here.

After you watch this video, please feel free to share some of your thoughts and what your complaints were. 

Katie LaSota

Student Affairs - the First Years

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