Big Task Completed!!

Whew!!! I don’t think I’ve kept y’all up to date with this part of my job description, but in addition to student activities programing and leadership development, I also oversee the summer conferences. Well, if you didn’t know, summer conference coordinating is NOT a summer job! After working as the Student Coordinator for a New Student Orientation program I thought I had a good idea of this… but now that I’m in a professional role, there seems to be a lot more involved than I thought! I have been working on collecting fees from last summer, receiving feedback from last summer, working on improving the programs, and (among other things) starting to settle on dates for next summer!

Well after 2 months of calls and emails to work out all the logistics, I finally had a tentative calendar for the upcoming summer! With those dates next came the exciting task of putting together fee increase proposals and budget reports of our expectations for next summer. It’s a lot of numbers and math. Which personally I love, but it can be meticulous!

After getting all these prerequisites approved I was finally able to put together the contracts for each of the visiting conferences and they went out in the mail today! It was such a big relief to have that aspect completed! Now for the collection process and getting everything organized and prepared for specific logistics, student and professional staff training, hosting, and more evaluating for it to all begin againJ I’m sure it will be a great feeling to see it all turn out a big success! I’m curious, have any of you worked in summer conferences before? Any suggestions with training staff/students, evaluations, etc.?

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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