Below My Feet

So Mumford & Sons has a new album out this year, as I hope most of you have heard at least on Pandora, but one of my favorite songs from this album is Below My Feet. I really just like the line, “Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn”. This line combined with thoughts about masculinity and leadership/organizational development has truly led me to think about what that would mean to keep your eyes to serve and hands to learn. 

Why masculinity and leadership/organizational development? Why would these two words come to mind, well honestly because these are three things I would consider as a research interests for me, and especially how they come together in higher education settings. Yet, I think the more true reason is because I think this line of keeping your eyes to serve and hands to learn speaks to a level of responsibility that should exist, especially in these discussions.

Masculinity. I think the song fits here because it compels a message of watch out for one another, and learn from each other. A lot of the talk I have had recently has been along the lines of “why do men feel the need to do certain behaviors” and in a recent meeting we discussed the role of educating men in sexual assault programing. My friend and colleague @leslielavon brought up a tremendous resource that I had forgot about when educating men on sexual assault programing:, which is a powerful tool in empowering men toward respecting others. It allows viewers to keep their eyes serving by taking in a powerful message, and then charges them with the challenge to keep their hands to serve others, and themselves.

Leadership/Organizational Development. In my Administration in Higher Education class we have discussed the role of leadership in administration (and in Higher Education) and talked in depth about how many times a leader needs to become aware of the culture and then guide within those parameters. In my opinion this is the best advice for new leaders to a culture, or anyone new to a culture. Keep your eyes to serve by observing the culture at hand, and then using their hands to learn what will work within your role.
Lastly, one of the most powerful lines in the song for me is, keep the earth below my feet. What does that mean to you? I would love to hear @byebyeryan or
In peace,

Ryan Bye

Student Affairs - the First Years

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