Being Thankful

In the spirit of the holidays, I thought it would be fitting to encourage myself and all of our wonderful blog readers to think about what we are thankful for. I am thankful for so many things, but I am becoming increasingly more thankful for each of my student staff members. While I did not have the opportunity to choose my staff for this coming year, I do not think I could have picked a better group to work with. Each challenge that they have been given as a group and individually has proven how well they can do their jobs. I am becoming nervous about having to select a new staff next year, but I am impressed by the work that they do.

I have also come to recognize that the work I do would not be possible without the help of the other Residence Directors, Directors, and our Administrative Assistant. Thank you for helping me succeed in my position and get through my first holiday closing.

I hope all you readers have a great holiday and I am thankful that you are reading these posts! 

Katie LaSota

Student Affairs - the First Years

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