Arrival of My Leadership Forum

If I haven’t told you yet, since I started my new wonderful job at Austin College, I have been working to design a leadership forum (mini conference) for our organization leaders to help them to develop their leadership and improve their organization as a whole.. This was something I was extremely excited to hear about before I even got the job. Well, in the planning process there were many exciting times and a few struggles that I was able to surpass. There was the designing stage, the proposal stage, the review stage, the review stage, the review stage (several of these J), the call for programs stage, the marketing and the logistics stage!
One of the most difficult stages was marketing and getting students to register for the program. My original goal was to have 150 participants which was, give or take, 4 officers for each student organizations. Well I was “pulling teeth” to get the students to commit and to register. The Wednesday before the program I had 64 students registered and that was not working for me. I, again, went to student organization meetings to speak to them and recruit. I set up sign up registrations at lunch time and recruited the day before at a campus event. This brought my registration numbers up to 82 and I was a little happier, but still worried about who all would actually attend. Well when the program began we had 42 participants attend and they were all truly there because they were invested in their own leadership development and wanted to improve their organization. They were a great crowd. However, it made for very small breakout sessions.

Another off note was that most all of the presenters really got into their sessions and each of the students had great questions to ask… which led to several sessions going over. Luckily, as the facilitator for the program, I was happy to be flexible with the time a little, but it still made me a bit nervous.

After the program was over, I took some time to look over each of the program session evaluations. I was so pleased at what I was reading about the sessions. The participants valued the material that was provided in each of the sessions and even wanted to see more. While there were a few hiccups in the program, I truly feel that the participants did receive and appreciate the information that was provided. For that I feel a great sense of accomplishment! I am very much looking forward to completing the evaluation stage and ready to create an even better program for the next forum!

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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