AIMHO College Recap

Last week I gave a small glimpse into my personal and professional goals, and this past weekend helped to affirm those goals and start to put them into action.  I am currently at the AIMHO Conference in Billings, Montana and just finished participating in AIMHO College, a pre-conference for new professionals within the region. Five faculty members presented on the following topics: advising, budgeting, social justice, supervising and leadership.  The presentations were engaging and I was so impressed with the amount of resources shared.
The college was extremely Twitter friendly, and I want to share some of my favorite tweets from the conference. Each presentation and presenter is listed below. These tweets are great snapshots into each presentation.
Presentation: Advising Faculty: Dr. Cory Shapiro, Arizona State University

Presentation: Higher Education Budgetin, Faculty: Dr. Ray Gasser, Idaho State University

Presentation:  Social Justice Faculty: Hannah Lozon, University of Arizona 

Presentation: Supervision Faculty: Teri Engelke, Colorado State University

Presentation: Character Strengths and Leadership Faculty: Dr. Eileen Hulme

Finally, you have to watch this awesome social justice RA training video from Hannah Lozon and the folks in Residence Life at the University of Arizona. One of my favorite moments of AIMHO College was watching this video and brainstorming ways to enhance our RA Training. 

Stefanie Lucas

Student Affairs - the First Years

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