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For the past three weeks I have been really proud of myself for taking on the biking challenge! Every Wednesday the staff, faculty, students, and Bike Texoma (the bike group for the area I live in) are all invited to go on a 14 mile bike ride around Sherman. Granted, the area that I live in doesn’t have too many hills, but on our route there are plenty of areas that are long inclines! They are quite a challenge, but then again there is always a fun little hill to go down! The first time I went I was exhausted! But, the second week went by so much better and we finished 20 minutes faster. I’m starting to get the hang of this! This past week was really exciting because we had Bike Texas ( the bike group for Texas) come up and join us for the bike ride. We probably had about 25 people riding with us (usually we only have about 12). It was really fun to ride around and meet everyone. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this little group and getting my work out on!

After each bike ride, I go home and eat a light dinner then head over to help out with our Campus Activities Board set up Zumba night! Yip, I do another workout after my “forever long” bike ride J It’s mostly because I really enjoy Zumba. So since I post on Wednesday… I guess you know what I’m doing today! Here’s to getting fit!


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