How do you value time? As a professional, a leader, and a human being?

As I may have mentioned before, I am in a Human Resources class this semester, this combined with my second year of supervising and advising has led me to really think about how I value time. In my HR class we discussed that time was one of the most valuable resources to your employees and in order to make them feel valued, and in my Administration of Higher Education class we learned that what leaders pay attention to is what becomes espoused as what that organization values. So how do we as student affairs professionals, leaders, and human beings place value on our student’s time and our time?

Be proactive, or as proactive as you can be as much of the time as possible. If you’re being proactive you will not only place value on your time, but on other people’s time as well. How can we do this when we work in a field where change is frequently happening and rapidly, and it feels like we are firefighters 90% of the time? In my position I have found that there are several things I know I can do in a process that will save me an exponential amount of time later on. So in my opinion it means being bold enough to try and tweak the way we are doing things.

Be compassionate. Have you ever noticed that when doing scheduling (desk, on-call, etc.) there are usually a ton of emotions involved? Every year I catch myself asking why? Why did I get emotionally vested in this and why do my students? Well, because it’s your schedule for the semester – we want to feel like we have control over it and that we chose it or made it the best. I try to show my students that I care by ensuring we stick to the agenda, and that I genuinely care about their time.

Be understanding. We are not the only ones wearing many hats. Sometimes I feel as if my students wear 1,864 hats on a day I might only be required to wear 243 different hats, but some days it’s the other way around. For me, this takes shape by what I am placing importance on at a given time. In this way I feel I am letting my students know I am attempting to understand the situation.

How do you value time? How do you make sure you are valuing your own time? Please share with me.

In peace,

Ryan Bye


Student Affairs - the First Years

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