Monster Dash

Since the first year in my graduate program, I have been able to find a running buddy. This year I was blessed to find a coworker who enjoys running and takes a high interest in nutrition. Not only does she enjoy running, but she is really great at pushing me to do my best both at work and during our runs. At the beginning of this semester, we both decided that we should run the Monster Dash Half Marathon. While I have been consistently running for over a year, I was nervous because I had injured my knee earlier in the summer. When we started running together, I could hardly make it through a mile long run without my knee hurting. Now, at the end of October, I have completed my first half marathon.

 While running this half marathon, my coworker was able to see many sides of my personality. Up until mile six, I would say that I was pleasant and upbeat. Once we hit mile nine, my attitude decided to take a dive and focus on the pain that my body was starting to feel. While it was hard to listen to encouragement at this point, she was able to push me to the finish line. It is coworkers like this who support you through your highs and lows that really make a difference in your experience at an institution. Thanks for helping me meet my goal!

Katie LaSota

Student Affairs - the First Years

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