Remember, remember, the first of October!

A some of you may know October first was the big day in the world of OPE, TPE, and NASPA! Registration for all three conferences opened this week marking the time of year when professionals who hope to engage in a job sear (#SAsearch) need to begin preparing their resume, interview techniques, and make the necessary plans. I will be attending TPE and staying for NASPA afterwards, but how did I reach this decision? I have a colleague and friend who is planning to do an independent search, some peers who are going to TPE, and a significant other who is going to OPE. We are all graduating this May with a masters degree, but we all reached a different decision on how to obtain our next level job – just we are encouraged to find institutional fit, I encourage you to find your “job search fit”. Here is how I found my fit.
What kind of atmosphere are you looking for? Each search conference is going to offer their own cultural atmosphere as well as an independent search. When I asked myself this question I had to reflect on my past search experiences and on my personality to identify where I would thrive. Where do you think you will thrive?
Where would you like to end up? So you need a job… but where do you want it to be? Throughout this question I had to examine what was important to me and identify the factors that would influence where I want to end up. It would be ideal to be near my family, but I am also used to being a plane ride home, so what is important to me is being in a place with cheaper, more direct, flights home. What’s influencing where you want to live? Where do you want to live?
What is fiscally responsible for you? Each of these search methods is going to come with a cost (even independent searching). When looking at each of your options I would encourage looking at the cost of each option. TPE and OPE are going to offer flat rate cost for registration, then there will be the varying cost of travel, lodging, and meals. Independent searchers may have other cost associated with their search. Look at your upcoming costs, identify sources of financial assistance (can you use professional development funds), and make a plan to optimize spending.

These are the three questions I asked myself in determining search fit. What questions are you asking yourself? Please share with the #sasearch and with me @byebyeryan

In peace,

Ryan Bye 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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