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If you remember my blogs from August, I told ya’ll that I was honored with the approval to present at TACUSPA (Texas Association of College and University Personnel Administrators) conference. Well that conference was last week! I was so excited to be presenting. My topic was advising and helping and my program outline consisted of sharing applicable theories for advising student organizations, explaining and providing a rubric based on the CAS Standards for individuals to use to assess and understand their level of achievement in advising, and facilitating discussion groups.

A few days before the presentation, I kept thinking that I would forget something or not apply something properly and look bad in front of my peers. Before the conference started I was able to shake all my nerves with several practice rehearsals. One was even to my parents who wanted to know what I was working on (they loved it). I was so excited and ready to be the first conference session of the day!

I had 2 handouts for my audience, one was a pamphlet for them to follow for information with my PowerPoint, and the other was the assessment rubric. I printed 40 of each and was sad that I ran out, but excited to know that 50 people were at my presentation! I got started with my usual high energy, but let them know that I knew not everyone was a morning person so I calmed down a little. It felt great to know that each of the theories I described rolled off my tongue as if I were still in grad school (not like it was that long ago)! Then I got to share with my audience a piece of my grad school work; an assessment rubric that I created based on the NASPA/ACPA CAS Standards! I was a little nervous that they would be judgmental but everyone really saw value in this assessment tool and really appreciated it! After everyone did a self-assessment of their advising skills I mixed up the room into groups so that each group had at least one beginner, intermediate, and advanced advisor and facilitated group discussions. I had originally only planned for 15 minutes of this discussion but everyone was really getting into them and I didn’t want to stop a good thing! In the end, the discussions were wrapped up and I got to conclude the presentation with my information and sources. I was so happy to have a group of people come up to me with great appreciation for the presentation and some really good questions!

Have any of you presented at a professional conference?! How did it make you feel? I know it made me feel great and wanting to do it again!

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. I presented at SWACUHO last year on Negotiating Balance and I loved it! It made me feel very competent and helped make me realize we all have great stuff to share and if we all take some time we can really keep the learning going!

    I think presenting often gets a bad rep cause it makes people nervous - and boy was I nervous, but afterwards I realized I LOVED it!

    In peace,
    Ryan Bye


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