Keeping Record

One thing I can learn from my mother is the importance of keeping documentation. Shout out to all the moms around the world. You see, a situation arose this past week where I needed to show receipt from an order I placed within the University months ago. I’m trying to think of any positive scenario in the case I was not able to produce this receipt...nope, can’t think of one. 

My mother worked most of her life in an administrative support role. She was quite particular in making sure she kept record of everything. She could tell you how many transactions she processed, phone calls received, customers served, and anything else of relevance that her supervisor would have needed to know for evaluation, audit or service. Growing up, I often thought to myself,” mom, you’re being ridiculous” or “do you really need three copies of this.” Where I deemed some of her process silly and teased at times, I absolutely understand as a professional in student affairs the importance of keeping record based on my own experiences through graduate school and the first year as a professional. 

Now I'll admit, I'm not as organized as my mother or as my next door work neighbor. Nevertheless, if I were to incur circumstances in which case I would not be returning to my organization, another person should be able to pick-up where I left off. Just saying.

This past week was just one time that I have needed to pull a record, file, transcript for work purposes. Each time, unsuspecting and for the most part random. So if you're not keeping good records out there, start. You never know when you'll need documentation a receipt or anything else you might be called upon to provide.

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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