Inspiring a Well Rounded Student

Lately I’ve felt a great deal of inspiration with my work. Maybe I'm feeling more at "home" and a greater sense I can make a difference in the lives of students.  There is focus from the university to make Mines a more residential campus, and last week the Denver Post featured a front page article titled “Mines Creates an On-Campus Community to Engineer a Well-Rounded Student”. With so much focus (and pressure) on success in the classroom, I am excited to be one of the folks working to create meaningful experiences outside the classroom.

Here is an example of a current project. A small residential space is under renovation at Mines, and I'm working to develop a new theme community for the hall. The best part is an RA is leading the charge. Some of my favorite projects I've ever worked on are student led initiatives, so I'm thrilled to be in a community where students have an opportunity to think big and see their ideas become a reality. The RA is pitching the community to students this week so I can’t share the concept yet, but it is a mix of leadership and social justice in a way that is inspiring me to be a better professional. The project is requiring me to ask bigger questions and return to the root of why I selected this profession. I'm feeling re-energized because of this and other new initiatives I'm working on to enhance the student experience and “engineer a well-rounded student.”

Speaking of inspiring... How cool is this homecoming slip and slide with paint?

 What current projects are inspiring you? How many of your projects are student led initiatives?

Sending inspiring vibes your way,

Stefanie Lucas-Waverly

Student Affairs - the First Years

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