Getting Creative: Meeting Students Where They are At

At this point in my career, I have seen Careers in Student Affairs Month (CISA) done at three different institutions. A typical CISA month seems to involve socials, advertising, and programming. Planning is usually done by a few professionals with a small budget, but no matter how much planning takes place there always seems to be a lack of participation among students.

To try and solve this problem, I thought it would be beneficial to think about how I learned about Student Affairs as a career. Like most, I was involved in many different leadership opportunities on campus. I gained knowledge of this career path during my involvement when it was imperative that I think about what I was going to do after graduation. It also helped to have a mentor in Student Affairs tell me 1:1 that this was something I should look into. If it seems like students at your institution are not hearing the message that you are sending, then it might be beneficial to get creative and target them in different ways.

Myself and another Residence Director have been planning CISA month since the middle of September and thought that it was important to do outreach in different ways. One of the challenges that we were faced with was creating something that would be reusable, beneficial, and successful. Nothing would be more disappointing than to plan a social, order food, and invite other Student Affairs professionals and have a low student attendance.

To start to generate interest among students, we decided that it would be beneficial to meet them where they are at. To fit the programs goals and make outreach, we decided that YouTube would serve our needs the best. From there, we selected offices and professionals within the Student Affairs department to ask them if they would be willing to do a video interview about their job in Student Affairs. Not only do these videos give the student a 1:1 feel, but they get to “meet” with professionals that they might not get to during their career at the College of Saint Benedict. These videos will also be able to be used during the rest of the academic year, when students are really starting to search for where they want to go after graduation. These videos also give every professional the resource to share stories and information with students about various offices in Student Affairs.

To see our final product, visit our YouTube channel. 

Katie LaSota

Student Affairs - the First Years

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