Expectations: Working with Student Staff

Working and or supervising students can be challenging when it comes to holding them to the expectations that you have set. As a new Residence Director, I have found it challenging to learn my position and hold my staff accountable to deadlines and projects. Holding them to deadlines has been challenging because I am trying to find a system that allows me to keep up with my work and remember deadlines that we have set as a staff. With that said, do you have any innovative ideas on how to hold student staff accountable? How do you assist your student staff in finding a balance between their position responsibilities and being a student? 

This topic also got me thinking about how to tell when expectations are not attainable. When it comes to my RA staff, I would like for them to have program ideas by the middle of one month for the next month. This deadline was established to better prepare them for unexpected stress during the coming month. I have started to wonder whether or not this is an attainable deadline. I have done activities where we, as a staff, have set deadlines together but for some reason it still seems challenging to get them to meet those deadlines. How do you set attainable deadlines for your staff? How do you decide when a deadline is not attainable? 
Katie LaSota@katie_lasota

Student Affairs - the First Years

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