Been Busy?

Have you been a little busy lately? Are you reading this thinking about all the other things you still have to do? I have absolutely been feeling the same way these past few weeks – oh wait past few months. There have been so many times where I felt like I was working ahead, but only to find out the next day I was going to feel behind once again. Well, I have the pleasure of writing this post from the Preston Smith Lubbock International Airport on my way to Kansas City (via Dallas, of course) for the weekend. A weekend away is just what I needed and what I have been looking forward to since I bought the tickets months ago – but with that excitement came a lot of preparation and busy-ness or business. I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to work ahead for a little bit, hopefully you have gotten into your grove at work, and have rewarded yourself with weekend off. Maybe you can’t go on a trip, but do something that is not work related and for all grads out there take a weekend off from school! This can be as simple as living town for a day trip. I know, I know, how can you not do homework on the weekend, but I promise you it is possible to get it all done before the weekend.

Not sure what you would do on this totally work and homework free weekend… Here are some suggestions (these of course are all things I would find pleasing):
• Find a historic place and learn all about it
• Go to a new park or trail or something outside (we spend so much time indoors, inside offices, and in front of technology)
• Cook dinner with some friends
• Be alone
• Watch a movie – free of all other distractions
• Play some board games
• Chat up with friends and family through Skype, long phone conversation or have them come visit
• Do something you’ve always wanted – do what you want to do!

Here is a video @EricStoller shared the other day that might inspire you:

What would you do on this weekend off? What’s something you’ve always wanted to do? Please share and inspire!

In peace,

Ryan Bye

Student Affairs - the First Years

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