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Last year a colleague brought my attention to an event, the Ball State Alumni Michiana Wine and Beer Tasting. Looking to make new connections I decided to go to this event.Though the colleague coincidentally wasn't able to make it, I thoroughly enjoyed the event.

When it came time to sign up for this year's tasting, I hesitated. "Was it worth my time? "I said to myself. "Here's another event where I’ll have to meet new people and shake some hands." But I signed up anyways because that same voice that tried to talk myself out of going was saying “you’re always looking to get out of that apartment and meet some new folks.”

So Saturday rolled up and as I awkwardly sat at an empty table, those seats would soon be filled by people who like myself shared a degree from Ball State. These strangers would ask about my story and I would hear their stories. I got to know the folks at the outing which included alumni from 1971 to 2011 (me) .

Here’s all you need to really know that happened Saturday night at this annual event. We laughed and joked. We shared our stories, and there were new friendships made at the table. I was able to say hello to some familiar faces and at the end of the night left once again satisfied that I spent the $25. 00 or so cost associated with this event.

Where I’m not signed up for the next event, a bus outlet mall shopping trip, I’ll be keeping an eye on the radar for more fun, laughter, and a chance to stay connected with alumni.

My challenge stands to all of you to get connected and touch base with your alumni networks if you’re not currently connected. Join the membership and take part in some of the opportunities to connect through those networks.

Joshua Wilson
Some of you who read this blog may not have the luxury of being near or around your alumni networks. If you’re not the challenge is on you to start a new network.

* A good way to find your nearest alumni networks is on the Alumni websites. 

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