Weekend NonAdventure

If this blog is about the real life experiences in the first years, then it is my duty to share my weekend with you.

My office brought in a comedy improv group to campus, I was on deck as the coordinator. The artists arrived to campus, they performed their show, and they left campus. This is how I view every show because at each stage there are specific needs and responsibilities that should be fulfilled on my end. When the show was over and my role with the show was finished, what better way to celebrate the end of a program than with a mini pizza from the Pizza Hut in the Student Center? Love those mini pizzas. Standing in line for my pizza I wondered if I could hear the Midnight Drummer’s Circle outside of Main Building from the basement of the student center. Main building is our administration building, also known to those familiar with Notre Dame as the Golden Dome. Just as I had this thought a few of the drummer’s made their way through the student center to Main Building. If I wasn’t awake at midnight, I definitely was after they passed me. If you’re wondering whether I went to the Drummer’s Circle, of course I did. Notre Dame’s Drumline puts on a great show! I should have taken a picture of the scene but I’m an old man people. I left early making it home at 12:37 AM and going straight to bed.

This was my first Saturday completely work free since mid-August. I dreamt of all the things I could and should do with the time. And dreamed I did as I slept-in and chose to take a day for rest. I didn’t do any chores or any errands until 5 PM. I also didn’t realize my body needed this rest. I crashed folks. This Notre Dame home game weekend, I watched the Irish beat Michigan from the comfort of my couch with a few friends.

Nevertheless, even when I’m away from work I still find myself fretting my responsibilities. With an event on Saturday night that I had a few responsibilities in planning there is always the urge to check on an event or program. I didn’t with this event. I’ll find out Monday how it all went. This is one step to finding that work life-balance. 

My Sunday’s are regiment. I go to church, I play Ultimate Frisbee, I crash from Ultimate Frisbee, and watch TV. This Sunday energized from my Saturday of rest, I was able to add in errands a few movies, and this blog post. Not too bad if I don’t say so myself.

So future #SAGRAD or #SAPRO this may not be an exciting weekend but this was a good weekend. It’s not always this relaxing, and sometimes it’s much more busy – at least in the student activities world. The first few weeks are always the crazy period, but this was week five and my Work, Life, and Play are slowly moving toward routine.

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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