Unexpected Happiness

Sorry that it’s been a couple of weeks since my last entry. Much has definitely happened since I last wrote. In the last post, I mentioned that my supervisor left our school and ventured into her new life at Tennessee. (Btw, she is doing real well there and loves it!)

Now, I am here at the school waiting to hear what happens with me. I got called into the President’s office last week! Much excitement was in my head because I was ready to hear the great news of my next steps to get the promotion. Well, the  next step talk did, indeed, happen; however, the way in which this happened was quite unexpected.

As I sat there with the Human Resources Generalist and the Dean of Student Affairs, they looked serious. Our Dean then explained a restructuring program going on with our school and the whole system of our schools as a whole. That’s when I realized…this is not going the way I wanted it to go. Yes, my Residence Life Coordinator position was terminated as of September 25th. Unexpected, right?

The good news is that they opened a new position of Assistant Director of Residence Life & Housing. I interview for that spot, which would be great since it’d be the promotional position that I was looking forward to. They’re just some extra loops that I need to jump through. I do miss my former supervisor, but had she been here still, I’d be out of a job. Everything happens for a reason, and her departure definitely happened for a reason.

Running a housing program by oneself is not the easiest though. The administrative aspect and the student developmental part as well as working extensively in Student Affairs can be a challenge. On top of all this, I finally start my MBA program on September 10th. Will this all be a strong obstacle? You bet. However, if one puts his or her mind on the obstacle and challenges that are brought, it can easily be accomplished.

Wish me luck this week on my interview! I hope everyone else has been doing well with their first semesters/quarters beginning soon or have already begun!

Raymond Gonzales

Student Affairs - the First Years

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