Survived the Crazy

I work in Student Activities and in the student affairs world we all know just how busy the first few weeks are in our profession. Working for a school with a highly active football culture, we heavily plan programs up until the first football game. This year, the first game fell during week three. 

Looking back over the last three weeks of programs it feels like a blur. I remember when it started and I remember how it ended. When I arrive back into my office on Monday morning there will be constant signs and reminders regarding the first three weeks of events and programs waiting for me at my doorstep. First, the bulletin board outside my office will act as a sign as it holds the posters from the first three weeks. Second, I’ll enter my office and will see the wreckage from three weeks of events. Papers scattered all over, boxes from the leadership retreat, and more remnants over the past few weeks.

Now, I call the first few weeks sometimes the crazy because this at least for my office is no doubt the busiest time of the year – the magic of fall. It’s the magic of the students returning and beginning a new school year. Also, fall brings new events and programs, and new stories of success and failure.

To my fellow new professionals, I said this in a previous post but it feels good to have one year under the belt. This year, not as many surprises with how it works. Where I still see year two as an active learning year, I know that now the “crazy” is over, I can get back into some sort of routine. Praise the Lord.

Joshua Wilson


Student Affairs - the First Years

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