Separation Anxiety

Last weekend was the first weekend that I left campus for a much needed vacation. It was not surprising that I felt anxious about being away from my building, but I missed my colleagues more than I ever thought I would. This made me realize that I have already developed strong relationships with my colleagues. This was one of those moments that reassured the path that I have chosen to work in Student Affairs and more specifically, housing. Working in this field requires high interactions between colleagues and having successful relationships with them is important. When these relationships are established and you have developed boundaries, they can be beneficial for all parties. Basically, it would be hard to work in this field and not develop relationships with ones colleagues. Being in relationships with others, especially our students, is a large part of what we do in Student Affairs. I have learned that relationship building is an important part of this profession and something that I need to be a successful employee. I would like to give my colleagues a shout out.

To the returning staff, thank you so much for all of the time you have spent assisting me with projects and setting up my office. To the newbies, it has been awesome learning and figuring out things out with you! I would not be able to be successful without your help. 

Katie LaSota

Student Affairs - the First Years

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