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This semester I am enrolled in a course titled Access and Equity in Higher Education, and have been to two classes and completed one reading assignment thus far and I can already tell that this will be an interesting course. Interesting, does not truly does the class justice nor does eye opening, I think the true word I am looking for is challenging. Sure, there is a ton of reading, but that is to be expected in any graduate-level course (fortunately or unfortunately) – but it is going to be challenging because the class aims to challenge the system we have all been brought up in, a system we have all benefited from, and a system that we have all been privileged to participate in.

As I reflect on this idea of how every single one of my classmates is privileged or has been privileged enough to be able to get a degree, and now a second or third, from institutions of higher learning, I am thankful for those opportunities I have been granted. I have also developed a sense of responsibility to help others receive those opportunities. It is difficult to talk about these issues, but as Mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro, said recently it is our responsibility as one community to come together and ensure that opportunity exists. Today our professor, Dr. Collette Taylor, defined social justice as the act of creating an equitable society. These conversations are difficult, but in my opinion are crucial to engage in as we progress in the profession of Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration.

How do we go about doing this? How do you? Please share with me @byebyeryan

Full transcript of Julian Castro’s speech from the 2012 Democratic National Convention can be found here.

In peace,

Ryan Bye

Student Affairs - the First Years

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