It’s Just Getting Started

When I started my position back in July, I was overwhelmed by all of trainings and traveling that were in my immediate future. I have come to realize that the last few weeks were the easiest part of starting as a Residence Director. These next few months of staff meetings, 1:1s, and building community are going to be as black and white as opening. It seems like everyday I find about ten more things to do or forms to create. These tasks do not even start to touch the new initiatives that I would like to implement in my work. At first, I get really frustrated and I start to wonder if I am ever going to catch up. Luckily, in graduate school I learned a lot about how to balance my work/personal life. While I am able to leave my work, I still find it hard to get rid of work related anxiety. Most of the time, it hits me at night right before I go to bed. The trick is to be comfortable with constantly being behind as a new employee. All of the building that has to happen with my work makes me wonder what I am going to do next year when I have all of this extra time!


How do you start to find balance as a new employee?
How do you prioritize your work?
How do you handle anxiety?

Katie Lasota

Student Affairs - the First Years

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