Fun—It Has to Happen!

Well, this past week was an adventure. For one, we had Labor Day off, which was just so enjoyable! How can you not enjoy a nice day off? On top of that, I started graduate school and I interview for the possible promotion (I find out next week *crossing my fingers*)! Now, I am at our school’s Open House to promote the part of college that can really make a student happy—Residence Life & Housing. Bias? I think not!

It’s definitely been hectic, and with school started up, I’m quite busy at night studying, reading, and doing my assignments. Between work, school, and meetings to support my Fraternity, I’m a busy man. This brings me back to being an undergrad! However, unlike that first round, I know and understand that taking some time out to have fun is so important.

While in my senior year at UC Merced, I felt like I became Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Oh yeah—I went there…she’s just my favorite! Anyway, I wasn’t like her in the sense that EVERYBODY feared me; I’m unsure how I would feel if that were to happen. I think I’m pretty likable. I was like her in the sense that I was always busy working. I never had a chance to date someone or really go out a lot.

It turned into a guy calling me and saying, “Hey, this isn’t going to work out. You’re a pretty busy guy.” What was my reaction? Nothing! I hung up and just continued on my work or projects. When I started my career and schooling, I told myself that I don’t want that to happen. Of course, I started a relationship before all of the hectic events began from this post and from my previous posts. However, I know that for one, this relationship is going to work and two, fun just has to happen.

At my school, I manage the Resident Assistants, Student Ambassadors, and student workers for housing. The KEY thing I ALWAYS tell my students is that on top of everything they are doing, their health & wellness is so important. They need to have their lives and take care of themselves. This is EXACTLY what we all need to do as well. Have fun! Go see a movie. Me? It’s my boyfriend’s birthday weekend, so we’re going to go celebrate, and on his actual birthday, we’re going to see I Love Lucy: Live ONSTAGE! I know, I know. I’m quite excited too!

Word of advice: Take care of yourself and have a blast once in a while! Don’t burnout!

Us on a date night! Something I always look forward to…those few hours—stress  be gone!

Raymond Gonzales

Student Affairs - the First Years

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