Follow Your Purpose.

Four years ago I did not picture myself living in Colorado, working with college students (especially engineers), or living in a residence hall. I was working at a T.V. production company in Los Angeles with extremely talented and creative folks.  They would light up when talking about their work and were constantly challenging themselves to be innovative. It was fun to go to work; however, I felt like there was something missing. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my career.

Long story short, after a great deal of personal reflection, I made the decision to go into Student Affairs. My family and partner were always supportive of my career change, but not everyone in my life thought it was a good idea.

My career in Student Affairs will not lead to fame or fortune. There are a lot of late nights and rough days. However, working with college students is my purpose and passion.  When I began to follow my heart more windows of opportunity opened than I could ever have imagined.

Stefanie Lucas-Waverly

Student Affairs - the First Years

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