First Ever Student Tailgate at AC!

This year the Austin College Campus Activities Board (CAB) decided to put on the first ever student tailgate for the football team. So, 4 weeks ago, CAB’s Spirit and Traditions Chair selected a date and got excited about the idea of the tailgate for this small college (1,300 students). As the program got closer, I began speaking with the Chair about what she was planning on doing in order to coordinate it. Coming from a small college and never attending a tailgate in the past, she was thinking CAB would simply put on some music and provide food. As the advisor, I explained my experience of a tailgate and how student tailgates generally involve a number of organizations setting up tables and providing their own food. After talking more about tailgates, I challenged her to reach out to other organizations and invite them out to the tailgate to draw up a large crowed. 

After a couple of days, I was copied on an email she sent out to about 20 students who were the social chairs of their organizations inviting them out to participate in the tailgate! I was so proud of her quick turn around and initiative to research the organizations. We also worked to contact the Greek Council and she attended their meeting to invite them out as well.

Well, the week of we had 7 organizations signed up for a table and we were getting excited. It sounds small, but for the first round at the start of the semester we were looking forward to it. We had a great crowd turn out and everyone enjoyed the food and all the company! We even had a few special guests drawn into our event because of the liveliness of our program! These would include our President, the Vice President of Student Affairs, and the AC Kangaroo (mascot)! They each enjoyed the program and had great things to say about it… well, technically the mascot couldn’t talk, but was happy to hop around for a lot of great photos!

Even though it is smaller than the big tailgates I’m used to at Texas State, I was really happy with it! We had great comments from everyone who I spoke with and some other organization members attended asking why their group didn’t have a table. We are thinking that this event success will spread and hosting another will be an even bigger success!

 Jenni with an “I” @JenniwithaniK

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