C.A.B. Training and Programing!

I thought for this blog I would share all the crazy things that occurred over the past week through photos and captions! Enjoy!

The start of Campus Activities Board (CAB) Officer Retreat began with making our own calzones!

They turned out fabulously delicious and lead to a great ice breaker/team builder.

Each day of training started with a different team builder. We had many training topics and discussions including: leadership, good communication, how to run an effective committee, motivation, how to say “no!,” and many more! This activity below was for our discussion on communication.

And after each day we also went out to enjoy each other’s company.

Then the weekend began and we kicked off the programing for the year! Our first night was a movie night which was a huge success (sorry, no photos allowed during a movie)! Then we had a fabulous concert by @ShaneHenryMusic and @ MaggieMcClare!! They were sooo great! The students loved them and our CAB officers enjoyed hosting them!

Our third weekend event was a huge tradition called Monte Carlo Night! We brought in a great set of casino equipment and hired the Gainesville Swing Orchestra. It made for a very snazzy jazy night!!! Even more wonderful is our tradition of having our clusters floors? (or residence halls) pair up as they enter as “dates.” Soo cute!

It was a fabulous night filled with live music, dancing, food, fun, and great company!

Kudos to my Campus Activities Board officers for doing a great job kicking of the year!

How did you kick off your school year?!

Jenni with an “I”


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