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Joining a staff at the beginning of the academic school year usually means that the new professional staff members have not had the chance to contribute to existing programs, recruitment process, and trainings. For Resident Directors (RD), RA training tends to be the first event that they attend in their new role. Some tasks that new RD staff can anticipate, when it comes to RA training, is creating presentations and RA area staff meetings. Starting a new job is challenging, but adding assignments and outside commitments on top of your RD training can make your job even more stressful, yet somehow enjoyable. While trying to establish who you are in your new position, finding a way to contribute to any upcoming program or training is perplexing.

This summer I was given an opportunity to volunteer at a leadership camp at my high school. While working with high school aged students was something I had never encountered before, I was introduced to many tools that involve using an iPad. One product in particular, iMovie, proved to be easy to use and a great way to build excitement with students. Once I started my position, it dawned on me that it would be awesome to incorporate what I learned into RA training. With this tool I created a trailer for the opening ceremonies and a slide show that closed out training. Both of these were valued by the RA staff and created excitement. The point of this is to not only share what I created, but to encourage new staff members in Student Affairs to be creative and think about how one can bring knowledge and talents to a new position. Sometimes that idea can make a huge difference and add a lot to a program.

Below is the trailer that I made for RA training:

Katie Lasota

Student Affairs - the First Years

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