We've Got This

"On Your Mark." the track official has called all the runners to take their positions.

"Get Set." It seems that whether I’m ready or not, at this point I should be ready to go.

"Go." With full steam I move at my fastest pace. I’m not the only runner but I know that my success is dependent upon my training and determination.

This Wednesday students will arrive and we will depart to camp and high ropes course for a leadership retreat. Monday and Tuesday I’ll ask questions such as: Are all the supplies purchased? Are all the nametags printed out? Are the icebreakers ready to go? That’s what Monday and Tuesday will look like for me. They will be opportunities to produce the final preparations for the kick-off to fall semester. I’ll double check the inventory, cross check to-do lists, and will mark my pace, get set, and go.

Fellow SA First Years writer Ryan Bye wrote last week, “They Will Return.” And when they do return, it’s all a go.

My goal for this week is simple. Welcome students back with open arms. I have other goals of course, but my first step will be to make the students feel welcomed and go from there.

When I started last year, this retreat was one of my first experiences with the students. I was able to play a bigger role in the planning and preparation for this year’s retreat. It’s funny how fast a year goes by. It’s amazing how far I’ve come from where I started last year. Where the retreat for my office marks the start of it all, I know that there are fellow student affairs first years all over with their own kick-off events/ programs/ services occurring this week. Best of luck fellow first years. We’ve got this!

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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