The RAs Have Moved In!

I’m so excited! The Resident Assistants (RAs) have moved in this weekend and this week is dedicated to training them! I was really happy to see them this morning as I walked to work. I was so happy to see the students I have been hearing so much about. I could not wait to start working with them. I’m not technically an area coordinator nor do I oversee them, but I was called in to do a presentation this week on social media responsibility! I was given the presentation that was made last year and worked to make it my own. Of course, since facebook was involved, I got to do some facebook stalking. I did so many searches and found a number of profiles, photos, statuses, tweets, blogs, etc. I was rather happy to find out that there wasn’t much cleaning up necessary on the profiles of RAs that I was able to open up. Non-the-less, I used what I did find on their profiles in my presentation so that they would be able to see just how secure their profiles were. I was happy to start off the presentation with a related ice breaker (I’m apparently now the go-to-girl for ice breakers/team builders). I had groups of RAs assigned to a special day (formal, homecoming, resident move in day, lazy day, & big interview day) and had them dress up a person for the day… while keeping in mind what they do want on and off of the person for the given day. In all events, the people they drew up were fully clothed (no underwear even on the lazy day)! There were no inappropriate images on their clothing or in their hands. Pretty much, they did a good job of showing me what they SHOULD portray themselves on each of these days. Which tied into the fact that: what they post on their social networking sites should be a good representation of what they want to look like for any of the potential views of their site no matter what day it is.

After the presentation I was back to my office to work on the summer 2013 schedule for summer conferences (woo… it’s coming together now)! After work I was so happy to be re-invited back to their retreat to join them for an ice breaker and a reflection. I was so happy to hear about how their first day of training went and inspired by the kinds of changes and the type of impact they want to have on their community! I can’t wait till they get started J Next on my agenda is to help with another session on programing for women. AND THEN… my Campus Activities Board Officers WILL ARRIVE!!!!! I’m very much looking forward to my own training with them! I’m sure I’ll let you know how it starts out next week!

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