Student Affairs Olympics (#SAOlympics)

For the record, I did gymnastics up until 4th grade, and I thought it was hard to flip my feet and legs around the bottom uneven bar.  I also thought it was a success the first time I did a cartwheel off the balance beam.  With that in mind, these Olympic athletes are blowing my mind.  

1.)   they are all super buff AND 
2.)   their dedication and commitment to their sport and team is insane.

These individuals representing their respective nations have poured their hearts into their sport.  They have sweat, bled, and cried through the pain and practices to get them to the Olympics.

Watching the glittery hair and the excessive spandex, got me thinking about an Olympics for Student Affairs.  Oh, I know your wheels are turning.  Instead of dividing it into sports, it would be divided by offices.  Here are my preliminary thoughts on the events.  Tweet me with your ideas!

Residence Life
  • Checking rooms at the end of each semester for speed & accuracy
  • Receiving the least amount of complaints from students about their room assignments
  • Having the most energetic staff, even after 2 consecutive Orientation sessions
  • Cheering contests for Orientation groups
 Student Activities/Life
  • Scoring the sweetest welcome weekend acts for bargain deals
  • Advising student organizations to spend their budgets wisely and effectively
  • Evaluating files for speed and accuracy
  • Walking backwards and navigating obstacles while giving tours
 Career Center
  • Finding the most errors in Resumes and cover letters
  • Coordinating the most internship opportunities for students
 Academic Advising
  • Building desirable and succinct schedules during Orientation
 All Student Affairs Offices/Department
  • Changing the lives of students
Again, feel free to tweet me your ideas using: #SAOlympics – because you know we love everything that starts with an SA.

Katie Schmalzel

Student Affairs - the First Years

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