Start on a Good Note

The first two weeks in the student activities world is like the Summer Olympics. There’s generally something happening every day. It gets a lot of press and publicity, and there are a lot student affairs administrators that are responsible for starting off the year with a bang. Or better yet, maybe the first couple of weeks are like 12 New Year’s Eve parties independent of the other with just as much importance for each one.

It also helps in the student affairs world that we can count on the numbers. Students come out to events and programs in the droves the first few weeks and that just brings excitement.

Last year, my first year in student activities I can remember vividly my involvement with each program. Ready for this: I started just a few days before the big programs and the first two weeks. I jumped right in and haven’t looked back.

As a graduate student, I don’t really remember the first few weeks of events as much as I remember making new connections with fellow #sagrad and #safirstyears. I was also in a haze of trying to figure out what it actually meant to be a graduate student.

As an undergraduate student this was my favorite time of the year. I was super involved and found myself at many of the big programs, whether it was my own group’s events or I was a participant.

This post has no general direction other than to reflect on what’s to come over the next few weeks and to wish everyone the best for high attendance at your events and programs, great post evaluations, and a great start to school year. I can’t even believe I found the time to write this. Patting myself on the back, for all you do and will do in the future.

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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