Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

This blog won’t be fun or exciting. L More just talking about my feelings. Haha.

Last Monday, my supervisor came back from a small vacation and asked me to join her on a Panera walk for a “catch-up.” I looked forward to it. She and I had a phenomenal rapport and could be seen laughing no matter where we were on campus. Since Day 1 of my job, we were work soul mates. Haha.

We went to Panera and while talking catching up, she announced that she had received a new position for a school in Tennessee and would be leaving within two weeks. I was shocked! Talk about a curveball. I played it cool though. I really am happy for her. It’s a fantastic position, and EVERYONE here knows she will do well.

Coping—I’m fine. I don’t know how many staff members have come to me and said, “I’m sorry for your loss.” It’s not like she passed away.

What does that mean for me? I’m not sure yet. Will I get promoted to Assistant Director? I’m unsure. *Fingers crossed* When I’ve told different family, the immediate response was, “So do you get her job? This is a fantastic opportunity to advance.”

That frustrated me a little. To me, yes, it’s an amazing opportunity to take advantage of, and I will work to do so. However, they just don’t understand where I’ve come from. When I moved to Illinois, I did not know anybody. It was not an easy transition to move away from my life. My supervisor became that first peer—maybe because she was closest to my age of 23 while she was 29.

It’ll be tough without her here on the 5th floor of the building with me. Now, there are just a few of us left in Student Affairs. However, I’m working hard and won’t lessen the quality of my work, especially if I want to move up the ranks. Saying Goodbye to her is just not easy.

It’s coincidental that when I was a Resident Assistant at my University, my Residence Life Coordinator and I got along REALLY well and she left after my first year there too! Talk about the Defense Against the Dark Arts Position—it’s like nobody can stick with me more than a year! (I do joke.)

I wish her the best in the new adventure that she has taken. L It’s just tough and saying goodbye is never easy. 

Raymond Gonzales

Student Affairs - the First Years

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