Room Preview Day!

Woo! Since I arrived I have heard so much about Room Preview Day! We have been working to iron out all of the details (making sure we had an updated list of who is living where and what files we were missing form who, even being ready to administer shots for those who haven’t taken their meningitis shots). We had crossed all our “t”s and dotted all of our “i”s the day before and we were only waiting on the students and parents to arrive. Well, after all the preparations, the day finally arrived this past Saturday and we rocked it!

As a little reminder, our “Room Preview Day” is a day that we offer to our incoming students to visit the campus, turn in missing forms, and of course preview the actual room they will be living in this year. To me it’s kind of seemed like a small school’s version of new student orientation for a large campus. At the orientation sessions at my graduate institution Texas State the students got to stay overnight in the residence halls, visit the campus and speak with representatives from most of the departments on campus. Well, since Austin College is significantly smaller, our “Room Preview Day” is our chance to offer students a chance to see their new home before they get here and try to iron out any questions the students and parents may have.

I was really looking forward to this day because I am very much anticipating being able to meet and work with my students and this was my sample of what is to come! I was able to welcome almost all of the 225 students and parents that came in that day and I am looking forward to work with them in 1 month.

In addition to this exciting event, I have also been working constantly with my Summer Conference Assistants to make sure all of our summer conference needs were met. Well now that all the camps are gone they have been working hard to help make sure everything was ready for this event. I only have one more week with them and I wanted to do something simple and nice to give them a little spirit before our end next week. I had help with a co-worker to help make up some little certificates that would remind them of this summer. They were “Most Likely To…” awards and each of them involved goofy little things we experience this summer on the job. I’ll say just a couple J Most Likely To Run Away From A Spider & Most Likely To Be On Hillbilly Hand Fishing! We handed these out at the end of our Room Preview Day (since this was the last day they would all work together) and I honestly think that they enjoyed this little ceremony!

This summer is wrapping up quickly and the students will be arriving soon. Till then, I’ll be working on my own programing for leadership programing with the organizations and training my Campus Activities Board for our big events this year. I can’t wait!

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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